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Driven to go further faster

Founded in the Netherlands Saietta Group B.V. offers superior technology in e-mobility and related services that is based on solid expertise and experience. Since 1981 the key focus has been to commercialize and integrate innovative and state of the art e-mobility solutions.

We developed a unique electric in-wheel powertrain technology which offers the essence of pure direct drive power. With our sustainable technology only a bare minimum of components is required to reach the highest efficiency level. The simplicity of our drivetrain is the ultimate sophistication.

Revolution in motion

As engineers we are eager to – and firmly believe that we can – contribute to finding solutions for the global challenges we face, in our field: mobility. The future is in electric driving. It’s our purpose to create the most efficient electric drive train solutions that will minimize the impact on our environment and natural resources, improve quality of life in urban areas and become an economically attractive alternative at the same time. For many years, we have been able to deliver proof with our unique direct-drive in-wheel motor solutions. Our next aim is to apply our distinguished technology in e-vehicles worldwide, starting with a focus on commercial vehicles, such as buses and distribution vehicles.

Solid and future proof

A long history of proven technology Founded in the Netherlands in an inventor’s workshop, Saietta Group B.V. offers bespoke solutions and superior technology in e-mobility that are based on solid expertise and hard-won experience. Since 1981, we have developed electric traction technology,  evolving to unique, award-winning, electric in-wheel powertrain technology. Saietta Group B.V. develops, realizes and implements superior, distinguished and patented powertrain technology in e-mobility. We offer development, implementation and services in a dedicated working method and also participate in prototype and demonstration projects.

Our culture and identity

Saietta Group B.V. has evolved from an inventor’s workshop into a professional, disciplined quality driven organisation. With an informal, creative but also a professional company culture, our staff takes pride in offering the ultimate quality in products and systems. Saietta Group B.V. is convinced that teaming up with the customer is the most efficient way to achieve the perfect solution for his needs and demands in electric powertrain products and systems. Permanent development of new technology guarantees superior products, which are implemented in tailor made engineered systems.