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Graduation assignment: Reluctance Machine for Electric Powertrain
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Motor Design: Reluctance Machine for Electric Powertrain


Assignment description

Nowadays PMSMs are the most commonly used motors for electric vehicles for their high torque densities. Nevertheless, reluctance machines have attracted increasing attention from the automotive industry due to their robust structure and relatively low price. This project is primarily aimed a literature study on reluctance machine, followed by modeling and preliminary design of such a machine with selected topology for a specific electric powertrain.

The assignment consists of

  1. Report including:
  • State of the art of reluctance machines
  • Simulation of high-speed reluctance machines
  • Design and optimization of a reluctance machine for a specific electric powertrain
  1. Simulation models.


  • Master level engineering, preferred Electrical Machines and/or Electronics.
  • Prerequisites: Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines (PMSM), Finite element analysis (FEA) modeling
  • Duration:

Option 1: three-month internship
Option 2: nine- to twelve-month graduation project

For more information regarding this assignment, contact Yang Tang, T. +31 (0)55 521 11 11 / ytang@saietta.com

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